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Happy Three-Year Anniversary To Hurt And Healing's Havelock Office!

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Running the Extra Mile: A Therapist's Journey of Balance, Family, and Self-Trust.

A picture of Sam on the beach.

Hurt and Healing had the opportunity to talk with our own Samantha Smith about overcoming obstacles and setbacks on the path to an accomplishment many only dream of achieving. Despite facing doubts, Samantha refused to surrender, pushing back against adversity with unwavering determination.

Samantha shares:

I ran a full marathon this year! Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges along the way, I remained steadfast in my pursuit of this monumental achievement. The journey was not without its struggles; from battling mental and physical exhaustion to struggling to fit training sessions into my busy schedule, there were moments when I felt overwhelmed and doubted my abilities. However, I refused to let these challenges deter me.

To stay motivated during the toughest times, I turned to my trusty running playlist, repeated positive mantras, and reminded myself of the purpose behind my endeavors. Practicing self-compassion became crucial in moments of self-doubt, allowing me to nurture my spirit and keep pushing forward.

Setbacks were inevitable, with one particularly memorable hurdle occurring on the eve of the official race when I managed only two hours of sleep. Despite the adversity, I remained focused on my ultimate goal of completing the race. Acceptance became my ally as I acknowledged the circumstances beyond my control and embraced the grace needed to persevere.

Samantha running through the marathon's 25th mile mark.

Throughout the journey, the unwavering support of my run club and family proved invaluable. Planning my training meticulously, listening to my body, and granting myself the rest I needed were essential strategies in overcoming challenges. Even during solitary runs, I became my own cheerleader, motivating myself to press on.

Mindset played a pivotal role in my success, with positivity, healthy self-talk, visualization techniques, and unwavering self-belief fueling my determination. The unexpected rewards of marathon training were plentiful, from forging deep connections within a supportive network of fellow runners to gaining a newfound appreciation for my body's capabilities. The experience also provided invaluable lessons in navigating challenges and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Reflecting on my journey, I offer this advice to those aspiring to run a marathon or push beyond their limits: focus on the process rather than fixating on the outcome, surround yourself with a supportive community, embrace the inevitable bad days, remain flexible in your approach, and celebrate every victory, no matter how small.

In hindsight, the key to my success was simple yet profound: I refused to give up. Every mile conquered, every setback overcome, brought me closer to my goal. It was a journey defined not by the finish line, but by the resilience and unwavering determination that propelled me forward, one step at a time.

Samantha and her running companion beam with joy and satisfaction as they cross the marathon finish line together.

In closing, Samantha's journey illustrates the resilience required to navigate through life's obstacles, juggling a demanding business schedule, and actively pursuing personal growth. Her courage and determination shine through, inspiring us all. We are truly proud and deeply moved by Samantha's Healing journey.


Sam's Journey Continues

 Sam continues to run with "Still I Run: Runners for Mental Health Awareness" is a community of runners and mental health warriors determined to take control of our physical and mental health while also breaking the stigma surrounding people that live with a mental illness.


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