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Happy Three-Year Anniversary To Hurt And Healing's Havelock Office!

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Education And Workshops

Prioritize Your Healing Journey

We provide a safe space where you can openly explore your emotions, heal, and grow on your journey to wellness.

At Hurt And Healing Behavioral Health And Wellness, we are committed to providing comprehensive education and workshops designed to enhance your mental and behavioral health. Whether you're seeking individual or group performance coaching, workshops, or introductory courses, we offer a wide array of topics that are accessible both in person and virtually on secure online platforms. Our Psychologist extends support beyond traditional therapy and counseling to meet your unique needs, empowering you to navigate the complexities of life.


For those in Palm Beach County, FL, and Havelock, Craven, Carteret County, NC, we may have in-person classes available. Contact us to explore these options and gather more information.

Transformative Workshops And Educational Resources To Support Your Healing Journey

Dive into this comprehensive 8-week program designed to help individuals navigate and heal from challenging relationship dynamics

Relationship Recovery
(8 weeks)

Prepare yourself and your partner for a happy, fulfilling, healthy and resilient marriage with our 6 to 8 week marriage prep course designed for couples.

Marriage Prep
(6-8 weeks)

Stay in tune with YOU, so that you can show up as a healthy spouse. Explore various aspects of individuality and partnership within marriage through this on-going series.

The "I" In Marriage

Does your marriage need a little tune-up? Add us to your relationship maintenance routine! Join our monthly workshop series covering various relationship-related topics.

Monthly Maintenance Workshop

Are you ready to live your best life, personally and professionally? Shift your mindset and create the fulfilling life you deserve! Unlock the power of manifesting your goals in this 8-part seminar series.

Manifesting Seminar
(8 one-hour classes)

Enjoy quality time with your partner through fun and engaging game nights filled with tools to support a healthy relationship. Dates, times, and rates vary, so contact us for details.

Couple's Game Night
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