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Happy Three-Year Anniversary To Hurt And Healing's Havelock Office!

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Online Therapy

Your Healing Journey Starts Here

We provide a safe space where you can openly explore your emotions, heal, and grow on your journey to wellness.


In our rapidly evolving world, we understand that accessing quality mental health support has never been more vital. At Hurt And Healing Behavioral Health And Wellness, we're proud to offer online therapy services that make professional help accessible to you, no matter where you're located. Just as with our in-person offerings, our virtual services cover almost every aspect of our comprehensive care, from therapy* (available in NC and FL only) to coaching, groups, workshops, seminars, subscriptions, and consultations. You can receive the support you need in the privacy and safety of your own home or preferred location, all while maintaining our commitment to excellence.

Our online services are conducted through HIPAA compliant platforms, ensuring the utmost protection of your confidence and privacy. We've taken every step to create a secure and confidential environment for your virtual therapy sessions, so you can embark on your path to well-being with peace of mind. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our online therapy services, tailored to your unique needs and available wherever you are.

We Offer Online Options To Meet You Where You Are, No Matter Where You Are

Dr. Hurt is the absolute best ever!!

Love her five ever and so do my kids. She just GETS IT.

 - Riley, Hollywood, FL

You Deserve A Therapist Who Just Gets It

Online therapy offers flexibility, accessibility, and the opportunity to receive support from the comfort of your own space. It's a solution that adapts to your schedule and lifestyle while maintaining the high standard of care you can expect from Hurt And Healing Behavioral Health and Wellness.


Whether you're facing anxiety, depression, life transitions, or relationship issues, our online therapy services provide a confidential and effective way to receive the support you need. Begin your journey to well-being today with our online therapy services, and discover a path to healing that's tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

A Convenient And Compliant Option For Prioritizing Wellness

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