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Group Meeting


Increased isolation due to the pandemic has put a strain on our relationships and caused more people to turn to social media for companionship, which can be disappointing and disempowering at times. To provide a chance for reconnection, education, and support, we offer groups on a variety of topics including:


Adult Groups:

US Universal Sisterhood - Women’s Group

RISE Racial Identity, Support, and Empowerment Group

BLUE Bereavement Loss and Unexpected Endings

NEW WAY Anger Management Group

I AM Mindfulness Group

SCRIPT Skills for Coping, Reprocessing, and Inhibiting Problematic Thinking - Journaling Group

MISS US Military Spouse Process Group

MASKS Managing Anxiety and Stress Coping Skills Group

Young Adult Groups (13-17):

Teen Talks (Issues in adolescence for adolescents only)

SafeDates (Preventing dating abuse in teen relationships, ages 13-17)

Don’t go it alone!

To determine the right group for you or to register,

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