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Happy Two-Year Anniversary To Hurt And Healing's Havelock Office!

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Embracing Failure in Order to Succeed

Hurt and Healing BHW had the privilege of interviewing the founder of Hurt and Healing BHW, Dr. Hurt, about her remarkable journey of overcoming fear and despair. At times, she found herself questioning her abilities and worth as a psychologist, facing daunting obstacles along the way. However, Dr. Hurt's story takes a powerful turn as she learned to embrace failure, turning it into a catalyst for growth and self-discovery. Her resilience and ability to transform adversity into opportunity serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is potential for healing and growth.

Here is what she shared:

As a psychologist, I've always been fascinated by the human mind—its complexities, its resilience, and yes, even its vulnerabilities. One such vulnerability is Atychiphobia, the fear of failure.  We see it as a common concern, but it can deter us from even attempting an act.  Freezing and avoiding are responses we adopt to avoid the possibility of failing altogether. Throughout my training, I developed a fascination with how our mental states enhance motivation and inhibit performance. But little did I know that my own journey would become a case study in overcoming failure and embracing personal growth.

The pivotal moment came when I sat for my clinical boards, the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Imagine my shock and devastation when I missed the passing score by just four points, the equivalent of one question. It was my first taste of real failure in any academic or career pursuit, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

At first, I was tempted to bury myself in self-doubt and despair, questioning my abilities and my worth as a psychologist. I found myself avoiding the idea of retaking the exam, settling instead into a comfortable but unfulfilling routine that left me feeling stagnant and underutilized.

But deep down, I knew I couldn't let this setback define me. With the support of loved ones and the guidance of my own therapeutic journey, I began to confront my fears head-on. I accepted that my struggles were not a reflection of my intelligence or potential, but rather a manifestation of my own neurodivergence and attention issues.

Returning to therapy was a humbling but empowering experience, allowing me to explore new study habits and coping mechanisms that were better suited to my unique needs. Armed with this newfound self-awareness and resilience, I faced the exam once again—and this time, I passed with flying colors.

Looking back, I realize that my journey through failure was a blessing in disguise. It gave me a deeper understanding of the paralyzing effects of fear and self-doubt, and the courage to push through despite them. As a psychologist who often supports entrepreneurs and athletes with individual performance, I now bring a wealth of empathy and insight to my practice, knowing firsthand the transformative power of embracing failure and harnessing it as a catalyst for growth.

Congratulations on your achievements, Dr. Hurt! Your journey of Healing and resilience is truly inspiring. We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and the positive impact you continue to make. Your dedication to Healing not only yourself but also others is a testament to your strength and compassion. Keep shining brightly!


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