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An Open Letter from Dr. Hurt

Dear Perspective Client,

Congratulations on choosing you!

Congratulations on choosing to focus on you and your needs and better yourself. On choosing to strengthen your mental capacity and choosing to better your life.  Congratulations on choosing Hope and choosing to believe that things can be different, better.  And not just wanting it but seeking it.

Thank you for reaching out!

For taking a chance that someone could understand you and accept you as you are.  Thank you for the confidence that someone has the tools to help you identify your needs, to help you clarify your perception of the problem, to help you choose the solutions that are best suited for you, and the tools to help you resolve the conflicts that stand in the way of the goals you desire for yourself so that you can move toward the dream you have for a better future.

Congratulations on being brave!

Brave enough to say “I would like to be better but I don’t know exactly how to get there and I would like someone to help me.” 

Congratulations on making the choice to heal yourself.

You deserve it.

 - Dr. Hurt

What our clients say is most important! See client feedback from West Palm Beach, Havelock, all over Florida, North Carolina, and nationwide.  Learn more about our Psychologist, counsellors, therapists and staff.  Review our therapy, couples counselling, groups, supervision, telehealth, and consultation, refer friends, or leave a testimonial at Hurt and Healing Behavioral Health and Wellness.

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Office Tour
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We'd love to hear from you.

From Our Clients*

*Actual Feedback from former clients, shared with their written consent.  No compensation was given in exchange for client testimony.  In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, the names are fictitious and the likenesses are of professional models.

happy family

Dr. Hurt is the absolute best ever!!! Love her five ever and so do my kids. She just GETS IT.

 - Riley, Hollywood, FL

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Dr. Hurt, your voice is so calming.  At times when I can't even hear my own voice, its yours that that grounds me and reminds me to practice my grounding skills. 

 - Greg, West Palm Beach, FL

Happy Couple

My relationship is so much more peaceful since we started working with Dr. Hurt. It feels like we understand each other again.

_ Trey, Charlotte, NC

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

My father's bond with our family was struggling before we started family therapy and now he's expressing himself in much healthier ways thanks to Dr. Hurt.

- Maria, Gainsville, FL

Woman with Head Scarf

I've never worked with Dr. Hurt, one-on-one but the Marriage Workshop and the book Quick Chats were super helpful for my relationship! 

I plan to become a virtual client (therapy or couples counselling) whenever she gets licensed in Illinois.

_ Natalie, Bloomfield Hills, IL

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