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Licensed Mental Health Counselor-Associate

Madison Anderson

Madison Anderson holds a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Madison’s passion for counseling began early in her youth with a desire to nurture those she cared for. She has since been committed to providing invaluable connections and resources to anyone who is struggling. She has lived adjacent to military bases for most of her life and holds a fond desire to work with and support military families in any capacity.

Madison employs a Person-Centered Approach to her training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to provide the most effective techniques in both Individual and Group Therapy. In her own words, Madison's approach, "Caters to the needs of my clients while allowing space for reflecting and understanding significant feelings.

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Front Office Administrator

Monique Fredonis

Monique Fredonis is a native New Yorker, and our Front Office Administrator. Monique is a Marine Corps spouse of 23 years and a mother of two wonderful children. She has an 18-year old college freshman and writer, and a 13-year old 8th grader and aspiring entertainer. She has her BA in Organizational Management from Ashford University. She is the go-to team member in this office for anything office related.

She enjoys reading personal development books and listening to podcasts. She runs her own home-based business as an Independent Color Street stylist. Punctual, intuitive, and thoughtful, she is a great value added to our team.

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Behavioral Health Technician

Shaquita Callier

Shaquita Callier received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration on Childhood & Adolescence development. She aspires to enroll in a Doctoral program for Clinical Psychology.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Shaquita serves as a Behavioral Health Technician under the direct supervision of Dr. Hurt, learning the roles and requirements of the practice of psychology. As a career military spouse and mother of 4, Shaquita desires to make an impactful contribution to the field and her community through research and practice.

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Summer Intern

Sydnie Hicks

Sydnie Hicks is a dual enrollment high-school and associate degree graduate, who will be continuing her education next semester as a design student with a minor in psychology.

During her internship this summer, she hopes to learn more about basic psychology concepts, how a therapy practice is run and most importantly assist people in search of healing. She is very excited to join the team here at Hurt and Healing Behavioral Health and Wellness.

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Digital Marketing Director

Destiney Gary

Destiney earned her Bachelor's Degree at Oglethorpe University, and pursued a Master's Degree at Georgia State University which led her to a career in Web Design and Digital Marketing.

With an extensive background in social work, community outreach, web services, and digital marketing, she is passionate about helping wellness practitioners and non-profit organizations to reach families in need by enhancing their online presence and increasing brand visibility.


Why the dandelion?


“As a child my friends and I could not wait for dandelions to seed. They turned from yellow flowers, found in concrete cracks, into giant white, fuzzy, fantastic things!  We called them ‘wishes’ because we would pluck them up, close our eyes, and make a wish. And then, with all the breath required for blowing out birthday candles, we'd blow so hard, hoping to release every last seed.  When the stem was bare, we'd stand and stare, watching the wind carry our wishes to some wondrous somewhere.  Even as adults yelled at us, we did not care because knew nothing of what a weed was or why wishes were not loved by everyone.  All we were aware of were these amazing things that grew up in the worst environment, such as a crack in the pavement, in our neighborhood but somehow still turned out beautiful and eventually learned to fly! Maybe the adults got it wrong.” ~ Dr. Hurt


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