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Sleep Well. 5 Ways to get better sleep tonight.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

1. Only go to bed when you are actually tired. Don’t lie around waiting for sleep to come. If you are not falling asleep within 15 minutes of getting comfortable, get up and go do something until you are sleepy.

2. Eliminate electronics from the bed. If you are in bed, your phone, tablet, PC, or TV should be off. The blue light keeps you stimulated and all the sounds and other sensations you receive will disturb your sleep or end up in your nightmares.

3. Avoid large meals, coffee, sugary foods, and nicotine before bed. All of these will keep you awake and even increase anxiety and nightmares.

4. Write it down! You should write down anything you are worried about, everything you are rehearsing so you don't forget, and anything else that is keeping you awake. You’ll sleep better once your brain knows it’s safe and will be there in the morning.

5. Develop a bedtime routine. Try getting ready for bed at the same time each night. Getting into a routine will help your body develop a habit of going into sleep mode.

It is always advised that anyone suffering from excessive sleep disturbance, insomnia, or problems getting to bed or getting up in the morning, seek the advise of a medical provider.

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