Music On My Mind

Did you know that music affects our entire body? When you listen to music, so may physiological responses happen all at once. Here are a few effects of music on the mind and body:

Blood Pressure

The tempo and genre or type of music you listen to can either increase your blood pressure to get you going or reduce your blood pressure to calm you when you are anxious or excited.


Because our brains have an amazing auditory storage and retrieval system, music can produce memories we never realized we'd lost track of. Even Alzheimer's patients have been observed singing childhood songs in late stages of memory loss.

Improved exercise performance

Music can motivate you physically to do more, faster, and with increased energy. It can also push you mentally beyond those barriers when you start to believe you've got no more in the tank.


Although we all have go-to playlists for all of our moods, you can use that same playlist to manipulate your mood when you need an extra pick me up or when you need to relax. The chemicals in your brain actually respond to familiar music which has already had an effect on you.

Ability at work

When music is played while you are working, learning increases, you can actually do better at reasoning and spatial tasks at the office as well.

So crank your favorite tunes for your wellness today, tune in next Wednesday for more wellness tips.

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