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A Note to Self!

Often the new year is used as a benchmark for new beginnings, restarting goals, setting intention and defining direction. Each year I write a note to myself and either hang it on my bathroom mirror or save it as a background on my phone. Either way, this daily reminder keeps me centered and focused on how I want to live my life despite what is happening externally. That's not to say set backs and mistakes don't happen, just that it helps me to remain aware that I have a choice in how I respond to things and events.

So yesterday, I was reflecting on past notes to self and a very old one stood out to me. For whatever reason, it asked to be presented and I obliged. Here is a note to self I wrote in 2013 and I hope that it finds the intended audience who needs to read it.

"How you see yourself

shows others how to view you.

But how you see yourself

should matter a thousand times more

than anyone else's view.

The voice in your head and the voice in your heart should always be in sync.

And the voice within should never be stifled by or muted for the voice of another.


its never that serious.


no one else can.


and love will always find you.

Your creation was not a mistake!

Don't make the mistake of questioning your purpose.

You are meant to be, SO BE!"

It is my wish for the reader that you find the time and space to give yourself the love, respect, and generosity that you share with those you love.

***If you are someone you love is suffering an abusive relationship, please seek help to learn your options or how you can be a support at (teens), (everyone) or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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