We accept and support ALL HEARTS at any place on a healing journey.

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Marriage Prep (Pre-Marital Course)

For most of us, the things we know about marriage, we’ve gained through observation and sometimes experience.  But if you’ve never been married to your current partner, how could you know what to expect?


Our Pre-Marital Course consists of 6-8 weekly sessions customized to your relationship. We focus on the 10 F’s most important for entering a commitment of this magnitude. The discussions, activities, and homework are designed to identify strengths and introduce skills needed to manage conflict, fight fair, increase intimacy, improve communication, and fortify your bond for the future.


In the words of Thomas Adams – “Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labor of being sick.” We look forward to connecting with you.




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Couples Therapy


Highs and lows are normal cycles when we chose to share our lives with others. But when those conflicts cause us pain, trigger us, or force us to look at things we have tried to avoid, we become stuck, often repeating these arguments, and even begin to turn away from our loved ones.  Couples Therapy is a safe place where conflicts can become opportunities to learn, grow, reconnect, and heal together.  We view THE RELATIONSHIP AS THE CLIENT and do not take sides.  We help each person identify problem areas and collaborate on the best way to improve the relationship, so everyone feels their needs are being met. 


Loving each other is evident by entering into therapy together. 

Let us take it from there!




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Monthly Maintenance Workshops

Designed for MARRIED COUPLES and any LONG-TERM commitment OVER 1 YEAR.

Why do you get your car tuned up and oil changed? Why do you have your HVAC, plumbing, or roof on your home checked periodically? Because it is a major investment you want to enjoy for as long as possible. Your Marriage can easily be argued as your greatest investment. 

Regular “tune-ups” do many things including:

•           Provides check-ins to determine the current climate/state of the relationship

•           Identifies areas requiring attention

•           Gives you tools to prevent future problems from occurring

•           Introduces new concepts to increase communication and closeness

•           Offers continued opportunities to focus solely on the relationship

Add us to your relationship upkeep routine! 

Monthly Workshops $100/Couple