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Psychological Assessments are evaluations of our behavior and function using several methods of testing to develop a comprehensive view of the concern.  Assessments are performed by a Licensed Psychologist over at least two appointments (commonly 3 or 4).  Often the Psychologist asks others in your environment (parents, partners, teachers, etc) to complete questionnaires to provide additional input for consideration in diagnosing the issue.  Once all assessment measures are completed, the data is combined to answer the question which brought you in, provide a diagnosis, offer recommendations, and additional resources.  In the feedback session, your provider will review the assessment report with you, answer all your questions, determine if any revisions are required, and deliver two signed copies.  We advise that you keep an original copy for your records and reproduce as needed, however additional copies may be requested from our agency should a need arise.


Common Assessments we provide (others may be available upon request):

ACADEMIC RELATED TESTING such as IQ, LD, ADHD, Emotional, Behavioral, Vocational, and Processing issues.  ***Yes, we are able to provide feedback for and participate in IEP/504 accommodation planning meetings (restrictions based on time, distance, and provider availability).  

COURT/FORENSIC ASSESSMENTS including custody evaluations, foster/guardianship/parenting evaluations, Immigration/Stay of Removal/Hardship Evaluations, and other Behavioral/Emotional/Vocational Assessments related to court proceedings. 


NEUROPSYCH ASSESSMENT including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Issues, Disability Issues, and other Emotional, Behavioral, and Functional concerns.


VOCATIONAL ASSESSMENT including Aptitude, Career Assessment, FMLA accommodations and other workplace related needs.

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