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Dr. Ché R. Hurt

Clinical Psychologist, PsyD

Dr. Hurt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a PsyD earned at Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology (Dayton, Ohio). 


She specializes in Relationships, Trauma, and Identity development but works with clients on many other issues and concerns. She has worked diverse settings including community health, college counseling, neuropsychological assessment, chemical dependency clinics, military mental health, county youth services, correctional facilities, and private behavioral health group practices. 

Dr. Hurt views each client, couple, or family as unique and considers their individual stories and systemic factors (family, identity, social, environmental, self-view, emotional state, physical, and cultural) when helping the client identify their problems and goals for treatment.  Clients are treated from a lens that looks at emotions, solutions, and client strengths to guide treatment and always considers the client as an expert on themselves, essential to healing.    


For very specific needs, Dr Hurt may utilize tools and strategies including CBT, DBT, EFT, EMDR, PCIT, TF-CBT, Gottman Principles, Mindfulness, PPP Parenting, ACT, Gestalt, and more.  With a background in Neuropsych Assessment, Dr Hurt also incorporates evidence based assessments to aide in diagnosis and treatment planning.

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